“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”    Mother Teresa

Stella Cometa Vancouver Society was incorporated on March 20, 2012 as an independent charitable organization.

Our ultimate purpose is to relieve poverty by providing basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education.

Stella Cometa Vancouver Society’s  immediate commitment is to build and sustain an 8  and 16 room  dormitory   in Kyumbi, District of Manchakos, Kenya, for persons with physical and mental disabilities.  These facilities will provide a home for the truly marginalized individuals of the community.

Our inspiration came from Father Battista Cimino and his humanitarian work in Africa.  He is a missionary priest serving in Africa since 1995.   He served in war torn Burundi where he witnessed the dark side of humanity.  His Evangelical work enabled him to unify the people, even with their differences. The foundations of his work are built on the premises of:

  1. Unity in differences leads to change
  2. Humility in Service
  3. Education
  4. Self reliance

He began to conceptualize and build a complex with varied community services. The complex would come to be known as The Village of Mercy ie, Il Villaggio de la Misericordia.  The dormitories that Stella Cometa Vancouver Society has committed to building and maintaining are part of the Village of Mercy.